Regina Allen,

Regina Allen, Artist Statement

My art reflects my concerns about climate change, the environment, and the health of our planet. These landscapes celebrate the tenacity of nature in the face of human interference and development. The work grounds itself in the physicality of the brushstrokes, paper, and mark and comes from my personal experience and observation of nature. I use the sensuousness of paint and the expressiveness of color and shape to explore the sublime beauty of Earth. The climate is changing, and I feel an urge to document what I see.

In some of my works I use an aerial point-of-view, and I’m inspired by the astronauts’ descriptions of the overview effect. This is a cognitive shift that results from viewing Earth from space leading to an appreciation and perception of beauty, overwhelming emotion, and an increased sense of connection to other people and the Earth as a whole. With these paintings I'm exploring landscape from a less traditional perspective using images that I’ve gathered from airplane rides, mountain hikes, and satellite imagery. From above one can admire the abstractions of intricate patterns and colors in the land. However, the jarring impact of human activity is also evident.

I also use a more personal and intimate point-of-view in some of my paintings, embracing a ground view that peeks through groupings of trees and branches or a close-up view that considers colors, textures, and light on rocks, water, and foliage. This immerses the viewer in the landscape, evoking a moment of deeper connection with nature. Observation of the natural world becomes a quiet action for the environment and a meditation on the endurance of our planet. Despite my fears and apprehensions about our home, my art offers a wisp of hope, like a prayer or a wish.